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Trainpunk Run

Fun “fly and shoot” videogame in a steampunk environment. Guide Ryana, military pilot, through five different worlds, to save them from the evil Lord Blackname. Collect coins to buy different Traninpunks, power-ups and customize Ryana's outfit. Game by Jellyworld Interactive.

Trainpunk Run trailer
Jellyworld Interactive

The Forge Master

The Forge Master is a free-to-play game where you will take on the role of a dwarven blacksmith. You will have to make weaponry for the soldiers that visit your smithy and with the gold you get you will help to make the kingdom grow, decorating the Throne Room, hiring new troops ...

The Forge Master trailer
DKWorld Entertainment


Jammerball is a sports game based on dodgeball and inspired by the classic arcade game Windjammers. There are 8 teams in Jammerball, and all of them have their own unique arena. 6 teams have a specific weakness in some aspect of the game, one with none, and one with all.

Jammerball trailer
DKWorld Entertainment

Fly you fools

Game developed during Global Game Jam in Madrid, Spain. Development Team: Juan de la Fuente (3D Art, Shaders & Effects), Daniel González (Programming), Víctor Martínez (Programming & Game Design), Raquel Peces (Programming), Marina Rey (3D Art & Texturing)

Fly you fools demo
DKWorld Entertainment

Nightstar Chase

Fly through several 3D space environments avoiding asteroids and laser weapons. Use powerful powerups like defelector shields or laser weapons to destroy the enemies. Set up your game by choosing the ship or the scenario you like.

Nighstar Chase trailer
DKWorld Entertainment


Tilt the device to move the ball through the maze and take up the powerups while avoiding the deadly vortex for 2 minutes. Every several seconds, the game elements are regenerated randomly and each regeneration will increase the difficulty. Boost your score before time runs out!

Ballhandler trailer